Georgia slightly above average in health care spending
Health care spending for the privately insured increased 4.6 percent nationally in 2015, higher than the hikes in the prior two years, according to a report released Tuesday. The report from the Health Care Cost Institute said the biggest factor in the higher spending was an increase in prices... Read more
Commentary: Modern care can use the lessons of the past
In simpler times, most Americans lived in villages and knew all their neighbors, and local doctors routinely made house calls to care for their patients. Those times are gone. But patient convenience is still an important factor in the fast-changing health care system. In a new GHN Commentary, John... Read more
The future of health care must be patient-centered, like its past
Is the practice of medicine coming full circle? As the administrator of a large medical practice, I believe it is. For many wistful Americans, the image of the community physician making routine house calls is a lost icon, a symbol of nostalgia. In a simpler time, in a much more... Read more
Medical profession takes closer look at how money issues affect patients
Family practitioner Mark Ebell was 28 when he moved down from a prosperous part of Michigan to practice family medicine at a community health center in the tiny Georgia town of Colbert. Although many of the conditions he treated were much the same in the two states, his patients... Read more
Medical school seeking to expand Ga. footprint to underserved area
The Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, which already has a campus in suburban Atlanta, is moving to develop another med school location in Georgia. PCOM has signed an agreement with Colquitt Regional Medical Center in Moultrie, in southwest Georgia, to produce a feasibility plan and present it to an... Read more

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