We need to move from chaos to health security
These are extremely uncertain times. The partisan and political divides, more akin to tribalism than ideological debates, have frozen our political leadership in a perpetual state of dysfunction. Uncertainty and failure to ensure access to health care have consequences, often life-and-death consequences, for real people. At the national level,... Read more
Commentary: What uninsured Georgians really need
Recent congressional action shows health care continues to percolate as a top political issue. The latest development involves an addition to Senate Republicans’ tax legislation. The added provision would repeal the Affordable Care Act’s mandate that most Americans have health insurance or pay a tax penalty. But Dr. Harry... Read more
Health care ‘waivers’ get new attention in Georgia, Washington
Is a new wave of health care “waivers’’ coming? Georgia and many other states may seek federal approval soon to make changes to their health care programs through waiver requests, lawmakers and experts say. Opening the door Tuesday to one particular waiver idea was the head of the federal Centers for... Read more
GHN update: How a young mom left Georgia to help her disabled son
A single mom and her medically fragile son recently moved from Georgia to Colorado in a bid to gain more coverage for his care. The medical benefits under Colorado Medicaid have made the move worthwhile. “It’s like night and day,’’ Sarah Allen, the mother, said Monday of the coverage options in... Read more
Audit at Community Health indicates risky data policies in Medicaid
Auditors have found that Georgia’s Department of Community Health “exposes itself to unnecessary risk of error, misuse, fraud or loss of data’’ that could significantly affect the reliability of claims and payment processing of Medicaid benefits. The audit findings were reported in a document at the DCH board’s September Audit Committee... Read more

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