Medicaid expansion would be good for poor . . . and Georgia
In the health care debates of recent months, we have seen people with disabilities, families of children with chronic conditions, seniors, people in recovery from opioid addiction, and others stand together to advocate against congressional proposals that would have made unconscionable cuts to Medicaid and repealed major provisions of... Read more
Single mom ‘fighting so hard’ for medically fragile child
Sarah Allen, a single mom, spends her days and nights caring for her son, Aidan. Born premature with a malformed brain, Aidan, now 3, has multiple health conditions. They include cerebral palsy, epilepsy, obstructive sleep apnea and cortical visual impairment. He also has enlarged ventricles, scarring on his brain,... Read more
State Medicaid chief departs with no official explanation
The director of Georgia Medicaid has left that position, state officials said Tuesday. Linda Wiant’s departure as Medicaid chief appeared to come suddenly, since she had attended Thursday’s Department of Community Health board meeting. It was not clear whether Wiant resigned or was dismissed. A deputy Medicaid director, Marcey Alter, also left... Read more
Seeking partnerships is a survival strategy for rural hospitals 
“Looking for a partner’’ seems like a theme best suited to a high school dance or a dating website. That phrasing, though, is increasingly used in health care to describe financially strapped hospitals’ efforts to seek a combination with a system that has a better bottom line. Hospitals in... Read more
Commentary: Don’t get talked into Medicaid expansion
Efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, have been stymied in Congress, at least for the time being. So Georgia legislators next year are expected to look at Medicaid “waivers’’ and other mechanisms to increase coverage and access to care under the federal rules now... Read more

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