Study: Georgia would see big gains under GOP bill, but not long term
Georgia and several other Southern states initially would gain in federal health care funding under a Republican bill speeding through the U.S. Senate, a new analysis finds. But that effect would begin to wear off after a decade from now, and ultimately could lead to losses for all states... Read more
Key federal health funds may not get OK in time
Tens of millions of dollars in government funding for Georgia health care faces a dangerous deadline in less than two weeks. And while experts believe that much of the funding, if not all, will be renewed by Oct. 1 or afterward, there are no guarantees, with a fractious Washington dealing with... Read more
Familiar face in health care circles picked to run Georgia Medicaid
A health care consultant and former deputy commissioner of the Department of Community Health has been named the new chief of Georgia Medicaid. Blake Fulenwider will also become a deputy commissioner of Community Health, effective Sept. 15, the agency said Tuesday. He will replace Linda Wiant, who departed the position of... Read more
Community Health asks for extra millions for Medicaid
The state’s main health care agency is requesting an additional $36 million for the current fiscal year and an extra $203 million for fiscal 2019. The board of the state Department of Community Health on Thursday approved those funding requests, which would be added to the base agency budget... Read more
Commentary: Medicaid expansion is a good deal for everyone
With Congress stuck over repeal of the Affordable Care Act, the question of whether Georgia should pursue Medicaid expansion under the 2010 law is being debated once again. Thirty-one states have expanded their Medicaid programs. Last week, in a GHN Commentary, state Rep. Jason Spencer (R-Woodbine) argued that expansion... Read more

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