Georgia nursing homes have cut their “off-label’’ use of antipsychotic medications by 16 percent, the biggest reduction in the nation, industry officials say. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has pushed for a decrease in the use of antipsychotics in managing dementia patients in nursing homes. Prescribing these... Read more
Dianna Massey of Norcross says respite care greatly helped her family when her mother had Alzheimer’s disease. For years, “she was aggressive and combative,’’ Massey said. Before her mother died four years ago, her father was able to afford respite care – short-term help so the caregiver can have... Read more
A loved one is having memory problems. Often he is confused about where he is – and he’s having trouble completing familiar tasks. Is it Alzheimer’s disease? Currently, neurologists diagnose Alzheimer’s based mainly on clinical symptoms. Added information can come from brain imaging, which tends to be expensive, or analysis... Read more
Which nursing home is best for my loved one? Where should I get my surgery? Consumers often have no clue on choosing a health care facility for themselves or a loved one. Sometimes they’re guided by a physician. But having more data about the quality of care at a... Read more
A new report ranks Georgia 42nd in the nation for long-term care services for older people and adults with disabilities. The report — produced by AARP, the Commonwealth Fund and The Scan Foundation — ranked the states and the District of Columbia in 25 categories, including hospitalization of nursing home... Read more

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