Children born just a few miles apart in Atlanta can have life expectancies that vary by more than 10 years, an analysis shows. A child born in the 30305 ZIP Code in the affluent Buckhead district can be expected to live to age 84, according to a map recently... Read more
More American mothers are breastfeeding their babies, the CDC recently reported. Yet the percentage of African-American women breastfeeding, while rising, lags behind that of other racial and ethnic groups. And Georgia and the Southeast have among the poorest breastfeeding rates, say Emory University researchers. In this video, Emory experts... Read more
A study involving Atlanta and five other U.S. cities shows that young black men who are gay or bisexual have greatly elevated HIV infection rates. Researchers found that the overall rate of new HIV infections among black men having sex with men was 2.3 percent per year, nearly 50... Read more
More than a decade ago, the first U.S. Surgeon General’s Report on oral health outlined a “silent epidemic” of dental and oral diseases in the nation. Dental problems affected large numbers of children and adults, and were also linked to major health conditions, said the landmark report, released in... Read more
Almost half of the more than 850,000 Hispanics in Georgia lack health insurance, a much higher rate than the national average, a new report finds. The Georgia Latino Health Report 2012, released Thursday, says 47 percent of Hispanics in the state are uninsured, versus 31 percent nationally. And just... Read more

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