The last day of high school is a bittersweet one for most parents. But for those who have children with developmental disabilities, it can be terrifying as well. From a young age, children with developmental disabilities have been cared for during the day in school, learning life and social... Read more
A state agency has canceled the contract bidding to offer care coordination services to more than 400,000 Medicaid beneficiaries who have disabilities or are elderly. The contract proposals that were received were “over budget,’’ according to a state website that announced the bid cancellation. Care coordination for the “aged,... Read more
An independent reviewer reports that Georgia is failing to provide adequate supervision of individuals with developmental disabilities who are moved from state hospitals to community group homes. The reviewer, in a report dated March 23, says there is an “urgent need to ensure competent and sufficient health practitioner oversight... Read more
“Supported employment’’ represents a valuable opportunity for someone with a disability. It matches an individual with a job, and provides follow-up support and job coaching to help the worker thrive. The Georgia Legislature, in its final days this year, is considering funding for supported employment services for young people... Read more
The sponsor of a medical marijuana bill said Monday after a three-hour legislative hearing that the proposal must get significant revisions before it can move forward in the Georgia General Assembly. State Rep. Allen Peake (R-Macon) said he was unsure of the specific changes needed to House Bill 885... Read more

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