Kidney transplants: A lifesaving system with serious shortcomings
It’s never a good sign when you start urinating blood. It was 2010, Sara Lewis was 12, and she assumed she had started her period. But what she initially thought was menstrual blood turned out to be something ominous — a sign that her kidneys were failing.    ... Read more
Doctor’s Column: Seeking solution to EpiPen controversy
Recent price hikes for certain prescription drugs have provoked an outcry from consumers, physicians and even members of Congress. The latest uproar has focused on EpiPens, the emergency auto-injectors for severe allergic reactions. Prices have soared to more than $600 for a two-pack. In a new Doctor’s Column, Dr.... Read more
EpiPen price problem is not simple, but must be solved
Epinephrine is cheap. My office purchases a multi-dose vial for less than $10. That is why it is ironic that there has been so much discussion and debate recently about the increased cost of EpiPens, which are well-known auto-injectors for epinephrine. The reasons for the price uproar can be... Read more
Georgia still has major problem with obesity, report shows
Three in 10 Georgia adults are obese, giving the state the 19th-highest rate in the nation, a recently released report says. Between 2014 and 2015, adult obesity rates decreased in four states (Minnesota, Montana, New York and Ohio), increased in two (Kansas and Kentucky) and remained stable in the... Read more
Letter to the Editor:  As a dentist, I favor the hygienist bill
House Bill 684, which would allow dental hygienists to work without a dentist present in some safety-net situations, stalled in the most recent session of the Georgia General Assembly. But its fate was controversial, and the proposal likely will be brought up again when legislators convene in early 2017.... Read more

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