Child obesity in farm country: Colquitt fights nutrition battle
This is the seventh in a series of articles about health care in Southwest Georgia, an area of the state that has great health needs and challenges, but also some innovative approaches to such problems. The series is the product of a collaboration between Georgia Health News and the... Read more
A lifesaving message for Georgia babies
Alone . . . back . . . crib. Those words highlight the message that Georgia’s first lady and health officials are emphasizing in a push to prevent sleep-related infant deaths. “We must educate parents about creating a safe sleeping environment for their babies,’’ Sandra Deal, wife of Gov.... Read more
Helping youths (and their families) cope with mental illness
The sudden onset of psychosis hits  the patient’s family like a bomb. And when counselor Will Warren meets with parents facing the worst moment of their lives, he emphasizes two things:  (1) This is not easy. (2) You’re not alone. A psychotic episode is a sudden, terrifying break with... Read more
Commentary for National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week
In a new GHN Commentary, Melanie Dallas, a licensed professional counselor, writes that parents should not hesitate to have their children treated for a mental illness when that care is needed. But misperceptions and fear of being stigmatized often lead people to delay seeking care, Dallas says. Sometimes, she... Read more
Mental illness in children is real – and treatable
When your child has a sore throat or fever, you probably don’t hesitate to take him or her to the doctor. You know that with the right medication and care, your child will probably make a full recovery — and the sooner the child is treated, the sooner he... Read more

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