Feds to investigate Waycross cancer mystery
A federal agency that investigates hazardous substances has accepted a community petition to investigate possible environmental links to cancers in the Waycross area. Much of the residents’ concern recently has centered on three childhood cases of rhabdomyosarcoma and one case of Ewing sarcoma in and near Ware County, in... Read more
On World AIDS Day, a grim reality in Atlanta
Grady Health System physicians and officials say the HIV crisis continues to grow in metro Atlanta, with young black men in poverty at the highest risk for infection. The Grady staff outlined the extent of the problem in a meeting with U.S. Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) on Monday, the... Read more
‘Scribes’ helping write a new chapter in medical documentation
Nathan Copp, 24, recently came to the Piedmont Fayette Hospital’s ER complaining that he felt tired, short of breath and lightheaded. Copp, who has the inflammatory bowel ailment known as Crohn’s disease, also told Dr. Robin Lowman, an emergency room physician, that he’d been having some chills. As Lowman... Read more
Innovative partnership helps fund rides for those unable to drive
About two years ago, semi-retired business executive Bob Carr thought he’d spend some time driving for Uber, the innovative company that allows individuals to use their own vehicles to transport paying passengers. Little did Carr know that the journey would take him to a whole new career. One rider told... Read more
A remedy for rural hospitals: Treating patients away from the ER
Patients such as D.C. are known in health care circles as “frequent fliers,” a term that has nothing to do with airline miles. D.C. (his initials), 62, has been to Appling Healthcare’s emergency room in the South Georgia town of Baxley several times this year with various ailments. He... Read more

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