Many Georgia doctors are dissatisfied, survey shows
Georgia’s physicians are slightly more pessimistic about the future of medicine than their counterparts nationally, a recent survey found. Two of three Georgia doctors — 66.8 percent — said they were somewhat negative/pessimistic or very negative/pessimistic about medicine’s future, versus 62.8 percent of doctors  nationally, according to a survey... Read more
The doctor’s white coat: A valuable tradition or a dangerously dirty habit?
Sylvia Wright hails from a family that has a long tradition of white coats. The Atlanta-based dermatologist and partner at Peachtree Dermatology Associates is a fourth-generation physician. For her, the white coat represents “the honor, the service and the commitment of practicing medicine.” But Wright could be the last... Read more
Amendment 2: Help for sex trafficking victims has broad political support
This story uses pseudonyms for victims of sex trafficking. Each pseudonym is introduced with an asterisk. Bailey Johnson* was sold into sex trafficking as a prostitute in eight states before she found help in Georgia. At age 17, she was rescued by a police officer who noticed signs of... Read more
Pencils, pens and EpiPens: How a medical device became standard in hundreds of Georgia schools
The national uproar over the soaring cost of EpiPens has ignited fears that lack of access to this lifesaving medication may cause deaths that could have been prevented. But if advocate Karen Harris has her way, no one in Georgia will face this situation. “It’s imperative that this medication... Read more
Silent spill: Jet fuel reached river, but accident went almost unnoticed
Four months ago, a tanker truck carrying jet fuel hit a post at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, ripping open a valve. Fuel spilled out onto the tarmac and flowed into a storm drain. The early-morning accident occurred at the ramp level at Gate D41, but there was no aircraft at... Read more

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