September surprise: Premium hike canceled for many state retirees
The Department of Community Health’s board on Friday approved a welcome change in health premiums for thousands of state retirees. Retirees in UnitedHealthcare’s standard Medicare plan were expecting a hike of $81 in their monthly premium — a rate approved by the same board last month. But on Friday, the board reversed... Read more
Southern health summit to explore opioid crisis, technology advances
Health Connect South isn’t your typical health care conference. One of the gathering’s central goals is to foster collaboration among leaders and organizations in the industry. A past example is the alliance between pharmaceutical giant UCB and Georgia Tech, forged through the summit, to create a project to explore the... Read more
New Medicare cards are arriving: How to protect them, avoid scams
We often get new cards in the mail, from credit to retail to random discounts, many of them unwanted. But there’s a very important card on its way – or newly arrived – for hundreds of thousands of Georgians 65 and older. Don’t toss it into the junk mail... Read more
New tax break urged to help health of working poor in Georgia
Tax credits and health care have recently occupied a prominent place in Georgia politics, thanks to the success of a program that helps rural hospitals. Donors to these Georgia facilities can now get a 100 percent state tax credit for these contributions. But there’s another potential tax credit that... Read more
Pre-existing conditions: Prevalence and insurance protections
A new analysis finds major variations between the estimates of people with pre-existing conditions in U.S. metropolitan areas – even within a state. Those disparities can be seen in the two Georgia areas studied. The Kaiser Family Foundation analysis, released this week, found that 23 percent of non-elderly adults... Read more

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