Group of state Medicaid chiefs clarifies stand against GOP bill
The National Association of Medicaid Directors emphasized Monday that its attention-getting opposition to the Graham-Cassidy health reform legislation was a consensus view of the board, and not a unanimous decision by all Medicaid directors. The legislation pending in the U.S. Senate would overturn much of the Affordable Care Act, including states’ expansion... Read more
Atlanta conference puts accent on health care collaboration
Health care leaders from across the Southeast will gather this Thursday in Atlanta for the fourth Health Connect South summit. A central idea behind the gatherings is to bring leaders together as a forum to strike collaborations. “We have always tried to highlight how we are better when we... Read more
Insured children increase in Georgia and nationwide, report says
A new report finds that about 3,000 more Georgia children gained health insurance last year, along with about 250,000 kids nationally. Nationwide, 95.5 percent of children had health insurance in 2016, which is a historic high, according to the report released Friday by Georgetown University Center for Children and Families.... Read more
Study: Georgia would see big gains under GOP bill, but not long term
Georgia and several other Southern states initially would gain in federal health care funding under a Republican bill speeding through the U.S. Senate, a new analysis finds. But that effect would begin to wear off after a decade from now, and ultimately could lead to losses for all states... Read more
Employer survey shows wide variation in consumer benefits costs
A new survey of employer benefits underscores a central fact about health insurance: Where you get coverage can make a huge financial difference. Premiums for employer-sponsored family coverage rose an average of 3 percent this year, to a total of to $18,764, according to an employer benefits survey of employers released Tuesday by the... Read more

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