New for Georgia students: Fitness report cards
Students across Georgia will soon get an unusual report card. It won’t have grades – not even pass/fail. It will have scores, but they won’t measure performance by grade level. And students can improve their results without cracking a book. Starting next school year, students in Georgia public schools... Read more
How well prepared is Georgia for a disaster?
When smoke from wildfires drifted dangerously close to a southeast Georgia nursing home last week, Liberty Regional Medical Center launched an emergency evacuation. The more than 100 residents in a Ludowici nursing home were brought to a nearby church. “The evacuation went very smoothly,’’ said Sam Johnson, an executive... Read more
Rural health: If you build it, will specialists come?
When rural Georgians need specialized care for serious conditions such as diabetes or heart failure, they’re often faced with limited options and a long drive. Anna Burch drives an hour from Hartwell to Athens to see her physical therapist. “I have to take half a day off work to... Read more
Training minority doctors a big priority for Georgia
Shirley Mapp was admitted to Athens Regional Medical Center for chest pain in 2006. When her doctor came into the room, Mapp recalls, he didn’t look at her or speak to her. “He said to the nurses, ‘There’s nothing wrong with her heart. She’s just got high blood pressure.’... Read more
Price for individual insurance:  $1,000 a month, plus deductible
The tipping point for Jennifer Thurman was the additional $100. Her health insurer was already charging her about $999 a month for an individual policy. And not only was the monthly cost high, but the deductibles were, too. Thurman, 36, of Suwanee says her policy also carried a $2,000... Read more

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