Movers, shakers, moms and programs help fight obesity
Nine years ago, Vanetta Keyes didn’t know what to do. Her teenage daughter was obese, and there were no local programs for overweight children and their families. Keyes knew her daughter’s situation could get worse. On her own initiative, she began reaching out to other parents in similar situations,... Read more
Haunting question: Did I drink poison water?
First came the Reader’s Digest issue with a grim-sounding cover article: “How Safe Is Our Water?’’ “You need to read this,’’ my wife said, knowing my interest in health. Then came a letter from a Marine general, encouraging me to participate in a health survey related to water contamination... Read more
‘Overwhelming’ number of patients flock to free dental clinic
Woodstock — Mark Hudgins arrived at 5 a.m. Saturday and in ‘’a lot of pain.’’ Hudgins, 53, a construction worker from Canton, has been unemployed for several years, and has no insurance. The pain had been going on for a long time, he said, and then pointed to one of... Read more
Take heat in the 90s and the typical August humidity. Mix in thousands of people of all shapes, ages, fitness and health levels, and add a touch of alcohol and caffeine. Conditions at this week’s PGA Championship are ripe for heat-related illness. The medical crew at the golf tournament, though,... Read more
Georgia firm’s blueprint for taming health costs
Many companies see their health insurance premiums rise by 10 percent or more, year after year. These costs often seem uncontrollable, and that frustrates CEOs. So when a company reports that its health costs have increased by an average of less than 2 percent per year over the past decade,... Read more

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