Diagnostic tool for sinuses could help patients . . . and fight antibiotic resistance
Most Georgians know the irritating sensation of not being able to breathe through their noses during cold or pollen season. It may be caused by chronic sinusitis or sinus infection, and most cases of both types clear up on their own. Sinus infections occur when cavities around the nose... Read more
Diagnosis: Hyperventilating reporters and badly strained metaphors
A personal perspective Can the health care bill be resuscitated? Is it in critical condition? Or is the legislation heading for a full recovery? And will all the drama be too much for us? By nature, health policy isn’t a “sexy” subject. It doesn’t hold the excitement or mystique... Read more
A turn for the better: New app improves driving lessons by teaching the teacher
Car crashes are a leading cause of spine and brain injuries among teenagers, like many of those now recovering at Shepherd Center, the Atlanta rehabilitation hospital. Emma Harrington, director of injury prevention and education at Shepherd, found herself wondering, “Why and how are people ending up here — and... Read more
Old and new drugs — and often staggering costs
Alpharetta resident Robert M. Stevens has become all too familiar with the rapidly increasing cost of cancer drugs since 2006. That’s the year he began three rounds of chemo after his diagnosis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Back then, he was still working for a large corporation and had company... Read more
What doctors see in our eyes may help transform medicine
Editor’s Note: This article is published with permission from WABE. When Tracie Howard first discovered the little bump under her left upper eyelid, she thought it was a sty. A nuisance. But nothing to really worry about. She tried ointments and compresses. When those didn’t help, she decided to... Read more

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