Sex and the Georgia teenager: Data finally on the way
Every two years, the nation’s high school students are asked about their use of alcohol, drugs and tobacco, and about sexual intercourse, physical activity and diet. The survey, run by the CDC, aims to monitor risky teenage behavior that can lead to health problems. This month, the Atlanta-based public... Read more
Sudden meat allergy may come from surprising source
It all started with a chili dog: A beef frankfurter laid across a doughy white bun, with beans and a bit more beef strewn across the top. Plus a few onions sprinkled around, along with squiggly lines of mustard and ketchup. Carole Cape had the tasty dog during lunch... Read more
Testing for lead in school water often rates a failing grade
PART  SIX OF SPECIAL REPORT By Andy Miller and Erica Hensley Andy Miller is editor and CEO of Georgia Health News, and Erica Hensley is a freelance health care journalist based in Athens. This investigation was done in collaboration with WebMD, and was supported by a grant from The... Read more
Are state’s HIV laws unfair? Activists say it’s time for change
Nina Martinez moved to Georgia from Washington, D.C., in 2005. Just a few months after she settled into her new Atlanta home, she learned about Georgia’s criminal laws regarding people disclosing their HIV status to others. It personally changed things for her. “As a person living with HIV, I... Read more
Agony of endometriosis leaves many women feeling alone
Ashley Coleman’s hands shake as she sits down. Her period ended the day before, and she is still feeling the effects. This is the first day she has been up and about since it started. She isn’t “lazy,” she says, but dealing with the situation is not as simple... Read more

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