Atlanta conference points to health effects of climate change – and a path forward
An earlier version of this story was published by Seeker Events like last week’s Atlanta conference on climate change and health might be a model for things to come in the next few years. With a new administration vowing to reverse its predecessor’s actions to cut the carbon emissions blamed... Read more
Warm winters fueling deadly Southeast tornadoes
This article was originally published by Seeker, which granted GHN permission to reprint it. The unseasonably warm winters that have brought shirtsleeve temperatures to much of the Southeast have also had a downside. The balmy, springlike weather has spawned record numbers of winter tornadoes the past two years, according to... Read more
Latino kids being bullied more amid political controversy, groups say
“Go back to your country!” Leaders of Latino service organizations say such statements have been heard more often in metro Atlanta schools since the November presidential election. Latino youths in metro Atlanta are being harassed and bullied more since the Nov. 8 vote, say officials with Norcross-based CETPA, a mental health... Read more
Casino debate: How much harm does gambling do?
Gambling seems to be almost part of our daily lives. Many Georgians buy a lottery ticket, especially when the jackpot climbs. Some play poker for small stakes, and NFL games draw plenty of bets. And some folks from the Peach State take trips to casinos, which can be as... Read more
Injectable drugs can kill, but clean syringes can save lives
Nobody knows exactly how the Bluff got its name, says Mona Bennett. Somewhere in the run-down neighborhood about a mile west of downtown Atlanta, there may be a land feature from which the moniker was derived. But a more popular theory, says Bennett, is that the name is an... Read more

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