Support your local quarterback — the primary care physician
I grew up in Georgia and always dreamed of playing high school football. Unfortunately, neither my DNA nor my mom shared that vision. But now, I’ll finally have my chance to play quarterback. This month, I will complete my medical training and begin practicing as a primary care physician... Read more
Big insurance deals are bad news
The past decade has witnessed dramatic consolidation in every dimension of the metro Atlanta health care market. Spurred by changes from the Affordable Care Act, hospitals are hastily marrying each other and buying up smaller medical practices in their quest to expand. Such activities tend to increase costs by... Read more
Prostate health requires public awareness
It’s counterintuitive that the second-leading cause of cancer death in men is also one of the most manageable when detected early, but this is the reality of prostate cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, approximately 220,000 American men (7,500 of them in Georgia) will be diagnosed with prostate... Read more
Recently the Department of Community Health decided not to move forward with a plan to improve health care access for the uninsured people of the state. Georgia officials said the plan was just “too costly, with administrative costs alone estimated at $3.5 million.” Georgia has among the highest rates... Read more
What physicians do isn’t normal. I remember leaving the soccer fields of Emory University, where I was an All-American player, to arrive in medical school to a room full of cadavers. That’s just not normal. Several years later, I was working as a resident in the emergency room at... Read more

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