States giving parents baby boxes to encourage safe sleep habits
This week, Alabama will join Ohio and New Jersey in making free baby boxes available to the families of all newborns in the state. Read more
The forces driving middle-aged whites’ mortality rate
The lack of steady, well-paying jobs for whites without college degrees has caused pain, distress and social dysfunction to build up over time. The mortality rate for that group, ages 45 to 54, increased by a half percent each year from 1999 to 2013. Read more
Answers to questions on the Republican health bill
So what are the differences between the ACA and the GOP alternative, and what does it all mean to you and your health care? Read more
Big cuts proposed to medical research
Biomedical research and public health are among the big losers in the Trump administration’s proposed budget. Read more
As drug costs rise, cancer patients delay, skip treatments
Hundreds of thousands of cancer patients are delaying care, cutting their pills in half or skipping drug treatment entirely, a Kaiser Health News examination shows. Read more

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