Dangers don’t deter vaping’s appeal with teens
While cigarette smoking rates among teens have dropped over the last few decades, the use of e-cigarettes — also called vaping — has risen in this age group. Surveys show that many teens don’t know about the dangers of these products, and a few popular vaping trends could increase the risks even more. Read more
Devices, apps for driving hands-free in Georgia
The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety suggests Georgians should start looking into hands-free technology to help reduce their dangerous driving habits now, before a bill banning handheld cellphone use by drivers becomes law. Read more
More women die of lung cancer in 2 ‘hot spots’
Lung cancer death rates among women have fallen in much of the United States, but have increased in two regions where smoking is more common, a new study finds. Read more
Coffee may come with a cancer warning in California
Starbucks and other coffee companies in California should have to post warnings because the brew may contain an ingredient that’s been linked to cancer, a judge has ruled. Read more
An imperfect HIV vaccine may be better than none at all
An incremental improvement over the HIV vaccine tested in a Thai trial could have a major effect on spread of HIV. Read more

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