Half a million children with autism will become adults in the next 10 years, and  The New York Times notes there are limited services for adults with this disability. Meanwhile, Autism Speaks, an advocacy group, provides a tool kit to help parents navigate this transition. Read more
Research this week in  Health Affairs found that up to one in three hospital admissions have some kind of injury because of medical error, not an underlying condition. While states and the federal government have some oversight power, consumers have to take some responsibility for themselves and their loved... Read more
Thousands of Americans are traveling to foreign countries to get less expensive health care. Manoj Jain, an infectious-disease specialist in Memphis, writes about his parents’ medical tourism and the trend in general, in the Washington Post. Read more
It’s never too late for baby boomers and people in older generation groups to start a regular exercise routine, USA Today points out. Read more
As people age, their ability to focus on objects up close deteriorates. This condition, called presbyopia, generally starts in the mid-40s. The New York Times’  ‘Patient Money’ column explains treatment options and how to pay for them. Read more

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