Alzheimer’s tests may miss women, overdiagnose men
The tests that doctors use to diagnose Alzheimer’s find the disease later in women, a problem that may deny women early care and skew research. And the same tests may also overdiagnose some men, putting them on a path to treatment they really don’t need, according to a new study... Read more
Report: ‘Dangerous complacency’ in fight against HIV
A report finds that efforts to prevent the spread of HIV have stalled, in part, because international funding for AIDS has begun to decline. Read more
Frequent smart phone use by teens linked to ADHD symptoms
A new study suggests that such frequent use of digital media by adolescents might increase their odds of developing symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Read more
Salmonella cases linked to cereal reach 100
The CDC said 27 more people have gotten sick in a multistate outbreak of salmonella illness linked to recalled Kellogg’s Honey Smacks cereal. This brings the total number of illnesses to 100 people since March, although the outbreak was not announced until June. Read more
Simple ER intervention can help reduce suicide risk
A study shows that a simple intervention conducted by staff in emergency departments can reduce the risk of future suicide attempts. The intervention involves creating a safety plan for each patient and following up with phone calls after discharge. Read more

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