Asbestos deaths remain a public health concern, CDC says
People are still dying of cancer linked to asbestos, the CDC says, despite decades of regulations meant to limit dangerous exposure. Read more
Good sleep gets tougher with age
Most people see their sleep habits shift as they age, but a new review suggests that some seniors lose the ability to get deep, restorative rest. Read more
Being overweight may shorten your life span
A new study┬ásuggests that being slightly overweight may decrease a person’s life span, which is more in line with conventional wisdom about weight. Read more
Tests may bring new wave of cancer detection
New kinds of tests for detecting cancer that promise to be less invasive are beginning to exit the lab and enter the market — with more under development. Read more
‘The VA is on a path toward recovery,’ new chief says
Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin says the Department of Veterans Affairs “is on a path toward recovery.” Read more

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