Feds to waive penalties on some late signups for Medicare
Each year, thousands of Americans miss their deadline to enroll in Medicare, and federal officials and consumer advocates worry that many of them mistakenly think they don’t need to sign up because they have purchased insurance on the health law’s marketplaces. That decision can leave them facing a lifetime... Read more
Many COPD patients struggle to pay for each breath
Yet, even if they are only responsible for monthly copays, many Medicare enrollees like Juanita Milton can’t afford their inhalers. Read more
Infections from swimming pools double in two years
Outbreaks of a diarrhea-causing parasitic infection have doubled in recent years at swimming pools and water playgrounds in the United States, health officials warn. Read more
States question motives of nursing home evictions
People complain about nursing homes a lot: the food’s no good or there’s not enough staff, and so on. It’s a long list. But the top complaint, according to the federal government, is eviction from a nursing home. Read more
Fitness trackers not so good at measuring calories burned
Researchers had participants wear the fitness trackers while walking or running on a treadmill and while riding an exercise bike to determine how well the trackers measured heart rate and energy expenditure. Read more

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