It’s never too late to quit smoking — even in your 60s
New research finds that older adults who quit smoking in their 60s had a lower chance of dying in the years that followed than contemporaries who kept smoking. Read more
Women could pay more for health care than men under Trump
Some women have been worried that they will lose insurance coverage for contraception under the Trump administration, but coverage for other women’s health benefits could also be at risk. Read more
Worries about health insurance cross political boundaries
Here are reports from around the country from people who could be affected by changes to the Affordable Care Act. Read more
A report card on states’ medical boards
A 50-state examination by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution found that only a few states have anything close to a comprehensive set of laws that put patients first. Read more
Surgeon General: America must face up to addiction
A new Surgeon General report says more people use prescription opioids than use tobacco, and that there are more people with substance abuse disorders than people with cancer.   Read more

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