ALS patients to get quicker access to benefits
People with ALS often must quit their jobs — and sometimes their spouses do, too, to provide care — leaving families in financial distress. A decade-long campaign by advocates highlighting this predicament notched a victory last month when Congress passed a bill opening key support programs earlier for ALS... Read more
Mask wearing, social distancing improve, but too slowly
Americans are being more careful to avoid catching and spreading the coronavirus but are still not being careful enough to slow the pandemic, especially with worrisome, apparently more contagious new variants looming. That’s the conclusion of the latest findings, released Friday, from the largest national survey tracking behavior during the coronavirus... Read more
Is Biden’s plan on releasing vaccine worth the risk?
The Biden administration plans to send most of the currently reserved doses out right away, allowing more people to get first doses. For people who’ve gotten initial shots, the Biden team is making a bet that new doses could be manufactured in time to keep booster shots on schedule. Read more
Nine creative ways to socialize safely
With COVID-19 cases still soaring across the U.S., it can be tempting to just ride the winter out on the couch, binging on Netflix. But psychologists say it’s important in 2021 for us all to keep up human contact. Read more
Food banks partner with fishermen to feed hungry
Food assistance programs across the country have started connecting with local fishermen to stock up on local seafood, many for the first time. And the arrangement seems to be helping the fishermen, the economy and those in need of healthy food. Read more

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