Colorectal cancer death rates up for young whites
A new report about colorectal cancer reveals an unexplained trend: Death rates are rising among white people under the age of 55 but dropping for African-Americans in the same age group. Read more
First responders spending more on overdose reversal drug
The Washington, D.C., fire department paid about $6 for a prefilled syringe of naloxone in 2010, says spokesman Vito Maggiolo. This year, that same syringe runs about $30. Read more
Study warns that yoga can have some health risks
Many people try yoga hoping to heal an injury, but some wind up with more aches and pains, a new study finds. Read more
Protecting your eyes if you’re watching the eclipse
When any part of the sun is uncovered and the eclipse is only partial, viewers need eye protection — even if there’s just a tiny crescent of sun left in the sky.   Read more
Scientists closer to a test for chronic fatigue syndrome
Research findings from Stanford University released Monday could point the way to a long-sought diagnostic laboratory test for chronic fatigue syndrome, and possibly a first-ever treatment. Read the full article: NPR Read more

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