EpiPen shortage raises alarm for parents as school starts
A widespread shortage of EpiPens across the country could send children with serious allergies to school without the medication that prevents them from going into anaphylactic shock if they are exposed. Read more
Feds urge states to encourage health plans off exchange
CMS is encouraging states to allow the sale of plans outside of those exchanges that don’t incorporate a surcharge insurers started tacking on last year. Read more
Choosing empathy over ‘tough love’ for opioid recovery
Many drug users say, in hindsight, they’ve appreciated being forced into treatment. But studies show that a compassionate approach and voluntary treatment are the more effective ways to engage drug users in recovery and keep them alive. That’s a critical consideration for families in this era of fentanyl, a powerful opioid that can shut... Read more
Doctors with disabilities push for culture change in medicine
Doctors are often portrayed as pinnacles of health, superhumans responding to emergencies around the clock, performing miracles of all kinds. They’re seen as the fixers, not the ones ever in need of accommodations or care. Now, a growing movement of current and aspiring doctors with disabilities is starting to... Read more
Some bacteria becoming ‘more tolerant’ of sanitizers
New research shows that several strains of bacteria have begun adjusting to alcohol-based hand sanitizers. They’re not resistant to the alcohol — at least, not yet — but they’re becoming “more tolerant” of it, the authors write. Read more

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