Got back pain? Try yoga or massage
Many of us probably reach for medication. Now, new guidelines from the American College of Physicians say try exercise, yoga or massage first. Read more
Americans feeling more stress, survey finds
Americans say they’re feeling more stress, according to a survey released this week by the American Psychological Association.   Read more
Travel ban spotlights dependence on foreign-born doctors
According to the AMA, today there are about 280,000 international medical graduates in the U.S. That’s about 1 in 4 doctors practicing here. Read more
An old drug gets a new price: $89,000 a year
An old steroid treatment, long available outside the United States, received approval this week for a rare disease that afflicts about 15,000 Americans. The new list price for the drug? $89,000 a year. Read more
Many people showing signs of hearing loss
A federal study finds that about a quarter of people between the ages of 20 and 69 who think their hearing is good or excellent are in fact showing signs of hearing loss. Read more

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