Amid pandemic, scientists examine kids’ unique immune systems
Until the delta variant laid siege this summer, nearly all children seemed to be spared from the worst ravages of covid, for reasons scientists didn’t totally understand. Although there’s no evidence the delta variant causes more severe disease, the virus is so infectious that children are being hospitalized in large... Read more
ECMO life support in short supply in the South
Many more people could benefit from ECMO than are receiving it, which has made for a messy triaging of treatment that could escalate in the coming weeks as the delta variant surges across the South and in rural communities with low vaccination rates. Read more
To quarantine or not: The hard choices parents, teachers make
After a difficult year or more of virtual learning, parents are eager to have their children back in classrooms. But even as the highly transmissible delta variant surges, school districts like Daniels’ aren’t beefing up protocols to prevent infections. Masks aren’t mandated or enforced, according to teachers, parents and... Read more
Jaw surgery takes $27,000 bite out of man’s wallet
Ely Bair had the first surgery, on his upper jaw, in 2018 at Swedish Medical Center, First Hill Campus in Seattle. The surgery was covered by his Premera Blue Cross plan, and Bair’s out-of-pocket hospital expense was $3,000. He changed jobs in 2019 but still had Premera health insurance. In... Read more
Immunosuppressed people grapple with return to work
While the emergence of the delta variant in the U.S. has made many companies delay the return to in-person work or mandate vaccinations, in other offices, immunosuppressed people like Elizabeth Groenweghe are left to cobble together their own strategies to minimize their risks. The delta variant raises the stakes... Read more

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