Women addicted to opioids live with fear of rape, assault
Women interviewed for this story say they rarely seek help from police because they are worried investigators will turn on them and seek drug charges. Read more
Pediatricians’ advice on teenagers getting a tattoo
The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that pediatricians talk with adolescent patients about the importance of hygienic practices in piercing and tattoo parlors, including making sure practitioners use new disposable gloves; needles from a sealed, sterile container; and fresh unused ink poured into a new disposable container with each... Read more
2 nurse practitioners help babies touched by opioid crisis
The nurse practitioners wound up helping to establish one of the first treatment protocols for babies exposed to opioids and a program connecting mothers with treatment and therapy. Read more
Industrial pollution plagues Houston in Harvey’s wake
An air monitor in Houston recently measured a concentration of benzene so high that the CDC recommends workers exposed to that level of the chemical wear breathing protection. Read more
What to throw away after your refrigerator loses power
The cold, hard truth is this: Most of the perishable food in your quickly thawing refrigerator won’t be safe to consume.   Read more

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