Employees paying bigger chunk of health insurance costs
Just over half of employees this year have a health insurance policy with a deductible of at least $1,000, according to a survey of employers from the Kaiser Family Foundation. Read more
People are driving while playing Pokemon Go
A study found there were over 113,000 social media messages in 10 days that showed people getting into potentially unsafe traffic situations while trying to catch cute virtual monsters in Pokemon Go. Read more
Common drugstore remedies no longer stopping lice
Many common over-the-counter lice remedies are no longer effective at stopping these critters from taking up residence on kids’ heads, according to a study that has some doctors recommending prescription remedies instead. Read more
A good dentist is hard to find in rural America
Millions of people who are poor and live in rural America have little to no access to dental care. Read more
Study details sugar industry’s big to shape science
The sugar industry began funding research that cast doubt on sugar’s role in heart disease — in part by pointing the finger at fat — as early as the 1960s, according to an analysis of newly uncovered documents. Read more

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