Texting millennials may be losing hand strength
Millennials, the thoroughbreds of texting, may lag behind previous generations when it comes to old-fashioned hand strength. Read more
Free meals influence doctors’ prescribing habits
Evidence is mounting that doctors who receive as little as one meal from a drug company tend to prescribe more expensive, brand-name medications for common ailments than those who don’t. Read more
Pediatricians urge more testing, tighter rules on lead exposure
“Most existing lead standards fail to protect children,” members of the AAP’s environmental health council report in a statement Monday in the journalĀ Pediatrics. Read more
Up to 1 in 5 trauma victims may die unnecessarily
Up to 1 in 5 people may be dying unnecessarily from car crashes, gunshots or other injuries, a stark conclusion from government advisers who say where you live shouldn’t determine if you survive. Read more
Coffee may protect against cancer, WHO says
An influential panel of experts convened by the World Health Organization concluded that regularly drinking coffee could protect against at least two types of cancer. Read more

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