What’s driving up Lyme disease numbers?
The tick responsible for Lyme disease is showing up in new areas in the U.S., a worrisome trend. Read more
Your busy schedule may help your brain
All that hustling may translate into superior brain power as you get older, as a study finds that the busiest people perform best on cognitive tests. Read more
4 in 10 sunscreens fall short on SPF
More than 40% of sunscreens tested by Consumer Reports experts don’t live up to their SPF claims, according to the organization’s annual report on the products. Read more
Should pediatricians ask parents if they’re poor?
A single question asked at an annual checkup — whether parents have trouble making ends meet — could help pediatricians identify children at risk for serious health problems associated with poverty. Read more
Calorie counts to hit restaurant menus in 2017
U.S. restaurant owners will have an extra five months to post the calorie counts of the food they sell under a new federal deadline of May 5, 2017. Read more

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