How the opioid epidemic led to an HIV outbreak
Genetic data has been used to track HIV before. But now, the technology is being used to map HIV outbreaks in real time, lending molecular weight to the in-person interviews that public health officials have used for centuries to track and stop outbreaks. Read more
Is it flu or flu-like? The difference matters
WebMD talked with some experts to break down the difference between the two diagnoses and what it means for you. Read more
Top fitness trends for 2018: Back to basics
The latest annual survey of fitness professionals suggests 2018 will find more of us ditching the gadgets and getting back to basics in the way we work out: more resistance training, yoga and jump-ropes; fewer earbuds and iWatches. Read more
Working with your doctor on healthy New Year goals
Dr. James Mold, a family physician and author of Achieving Your Personal Health Goals, says doctors should work with their patients to set mutually agreed-upon goals throughout life. Read more
Precision medical treatments have quality control problem
You might not suspect that the success of the emerging field of precision medicine depends heavily on the couriers who push carts down hospital halls. Read more

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