Why we get running injuries — and how to prevent them
A new study suggests that being light on your feet could keep most runners healthy. Read more
Study finds BMI mislabels millions as overweight or obese
A new study from UCLA finds that some 54 million Americans who are labeled as obese or overweight according to their body mass index are, when you take a closer look, actually healthy. Read more
Health officials give advice on Zika virus spread
U.S. health experts cautioned that the apparent discovery of the Zika virus in saliva and urine from people in Brazil does not necessarily mean the virus can be spread by more casual contact with infected people. Read more
Exercise: Is more always better?
If a little exercise is good, then more is better in terms of calorie burn and weight loss, right? That’s what most of us tend to believe. Read more
The doctor’s computer will email you now
Whether the emails actually trigger an empathetic connection or not, the idea of tailoring regular physician electronic communications to patients counts as an innovation in health care. Read more

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