Obesity is an expensive problem — and getting more so (video)
Big people are big business in the United States, where about one in three adults and one in six children and adolescents are considered obese. Diet programs, diet foods, zero-calorie drinks, exercise videos, fitness machines and gym memberships are some of the most advertised products in America. And that... Read more
The big picture: Med students get option of public health degree
When most people visit the doctor, they are probably not thinking of anything but getting individual care. But it’s becoming more common for providers to look past individual blood glucose levels and cholesterol counts to the social factors that affect the health of whole communities. That’s why the GHSU/UGA... Read more
Fake patients train as performers, help future doctors learn skills (video)
Medical students at the new Georgia Health Sciences University campus in Athens have a lot more drama in their lives these days. They’re interviewing and examining fake patients who have been trained to simulate signs and symptoms of illness using the same techniques as actors on TV. A team... Read more
As demand for health care grows, pharmacists are providing services that stretch the historical boundaries of their profession. The era of pharmacists simply dispensing pills into child-safe bottles is over. Now they’re just as likely to be found administering preventive vaccines against everything from influenza to shingles, or having... Read more
Rural health: If you build it, will specialists come?
When rural Georgians need specialized care for serious conditions such as diabetes or heart failure, they’re often faced with limited options and a long drive. Anna Burch drives an hour from Hartwell to Athens to see her physical therapist. “I have to take half a day off work to... Read more

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