Food for thought: What future doctors are learning about nutrition
If you type the phrase “What do doctors know about nutrition?” into an Internet search engine, the most common result will be “not much.” Some links will open on articles claiming that busy doctors have no time for diet advice during brief office visits. Other will lead to authors... Read more
Reno style: Athens plan to begin recruiting doctors (video)
(Editor’s Note: This is the ninth and final article in a series on the Athens uninsured initiative, produced by graduate students in the Health and Medical Journalism Program at the University of Georgia.) Betting on RenoIn a few months, Allie Chambers and Tracy Thompson will begin paying visits to... Read more
At South Georgia Medical Center in Valdosta, front-desk clerk Frances Blanton, 72, sees countless people bounce back and forth between hospital and home. This is a high-traffic hospital, one of two in a county with nearly 115,000 people, but similar patterns can be seen in any hospital. “We have a... Read more

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