Short, brisk walk daily may help curb arthritis
Less than 10 minutes a day of brisk walking can help prevent disability in people with arthritis pain in their knee, hip, ankle or foot, researchers report. Read more
Legionnaires’ hiding in hospital plumbing systems
Deadly Legionnaires’ disease is lurking in the water systems of hospitals, nursing homes and long-term care facilities, putting the most vulnerable patients at risk, U.S. health officials said. Read more
New clues to age-related hearing loss
When background noise makes it hard to carry on a conversation, many older people chalk it up to hearing loss. But a new, small study finds that the problem may not just be in your ear but also in your brain. Read more
High-impact exercise strengthens men’s bones
Men who engage in high-impact physical activity and resistance training as teenagers and young adults are likely to have greater bone density by middle age, according to new research. Read more
Young adult binge drinkers may get high blood pressure
Young adults who regularly binge drink have elevated blood pressure compared to those who drink occasionally, and could wind up with high blood pressure, researchers warn in a new study. Read more

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