Big advance in diagnosis is all about thinking small
We all appreciate the power of small. The iPod Nano is tiny, lightweight and puts an enormous library of music all in one place. In the worlds of technology and music, this tiny device is huge. But when nanotechology — in which things are much, much smaller, at the... Read more
Disabling injury doesn’t shake student’s drive to become doctor (video)
In his blog, “Thoughts on Wheels,” Hammad Aslam wrote: “I was being interviewed for something today, and when the camera was briefly turned off and the interviewer was about to pack up, I decided to let down my guard. I was all smiles before that moment, as I almost... Read more
Frank Adams begins each day with a bowl of cereal. He used to eat a larger breakfast, complete with a serving of bacon or sausage — which he now calls “dead animals” — but he changed his ways years ago when his wife’s morning sickness kept her from cooking... Read more
Electric exercise: A breakthrough for those with disabilities (video)
Three times a week, Patrick Keating starts his day with a workout of running and weightlifting. Like many people who exercise, he wants to prolong his life through a healthy lifestyle. But unlike most workout warriors, Keating is paralyzed from the waist down. His workout is made possible by... Read more
Researcher looks at roots of health disparities (video)
A cardiologist has returned to his home turf to study a disease that exacts a major toll in Georgia, especially for blacks. Cardiovascular disease causes 20 percent of all deaths in Georgia, but it’s responsible for 30 percent of deaths of black Georgians, according to the Georgia Department of... Read more

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