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How a powerful company persuaded Georgia to let it bury toxic waste in groundwater
...<strong>com</strong>ply with federal guidelines to prevent groundwater from wetting <strong>the</strong> dry waste, regulators told <strong>the com</strong>pany <strong>the</strong>y would only approve <strong>the</strong> plan if <strong>the com</strong>pany could stop infiltration &ldquo;from any... Read more
The coal plant next door
...had one of Georgia&rsquo;s highest rates of cancer incidence at 522 cases per 100,000 people, which was <strong>12</strong> percent higher than <strong>the</strong> statewide average and 17 percent higher than <strong>the</strong>... Read more
School mask policies: A study in contrasts
...Many of <strong>the</strong> county&rsquo;s 22,000 residents struggle to make ends meet, with households earning less than $40,000 on average. Only one in eight adults has a college degree. <strong>The</strong> school... Read more
Neighborhoods unaware of airborne cancer-causing toxin
...2014, when 139 cases were diagnosed for every 100,000 people. <strong>Over the</strong> same time frame, Georgia&rsquo;s breast cancer rate was <strong>12</strong>7 cases per 100,000. In a written statement, <strong>the</strong> state&rsquo;s... Read more
Nursing home exec’s loophole may haunt Georgia
...$20 million in total revenue. In its 2017 fiscal year, <strong>the com</strong>panies in his nonprofit network, today called <strong>Com</strong>munity Health Services of Georgia, or CHSGa, recorded <strong>over</strong> $650 million in... Read more

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