College Park: Gun buyback

Print Friendly and PDF By: WABE Published: Jan 28, 2013

College Park’s City Council  set aside $20,000 to buy back guns Feb. 9.

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  • Les Gillespie

    After a 4 hour wait in line, I made it up to the officer with 3 semi-automatic pistols that I traded for three $100 vouchers. When I went to the cashier to redeem the vouchers, they had ran out of money. This was the case for most of us. I estimate that only 25% of all those that showed up actually got paid. My pistols were returned to me. As this was a voluntary event, it was not about “GUN CONTROLL” or the “2nd AMMENDENT.” It was about law abiding citizens disposing of guns in a way so that they would not fall into the wrong hands. The citizens in line are not the ones out doing gun crimes. The only AR-15 rifles that were at the event were those carried by the local S.W.A.T. team that was on site.


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